See all parameters with just your eyes Monitor and control resources from any smart device Easy and simple to use Realtime continuous connection Control with fingers from any location in the world

How Tremis wireless/wired sensor system works


Sensors are triggered or
activated at set intervals

Sensor information is received
instantly by the gateway and
sent to our online system

Online system receives sensor
information, checks against
set thresholds and sends alerts
if needed

User receives email or SMS text alerts if thresholds are met and is able to respond to an incident immediately.

Home and Real Estate

Industrial Applications

Hotel Management

Security and Safety

Home Owners, Real Estate managers and utility companies get building conditions data in real time


Industrial users can control devices remotely, view continuous variable data and get periodic safety analysis


Hotel Management can maintain safety, security and save energy costs by monitoring essential parameters in hotels


Security, Safety and utility companies can add value to their products and services through Tremis