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Operating a building efficiently, yet cost effectively is challenging. In large and small buildings there’s plenty to worry about without having to expend precious (and costly) human resources manually monitoring areas in the building that could be monitored by Tremis.

Tremis has developed a monitoring solution for building managers and tenants who need to know instantly when an incident starts.

Remote Monitoring of buildings

Most companies buildings have at least a building manager, or maintenance engineers to walk around the premisis, visually checking and rechecking building structure, plumbing, electrical, lights, etc. Moreover, they look for problems before they start; the thought process being that someone will catch a problem before it grows into an expensive repair.

A more efficient and cost effective way to manage operations is through remote monitoring with Tremis. Know immediately when something goes wrong and dispatch a tech to repair. Repurpose your building manager or staff for more productive tasks.

You are welcome to contact us for a visit or demonstration.

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